Hello, hello!

It’s been a while, but I’m back, all recovered from my surgery and stuff. Life’s a little crazy right now, but I decided it would be fun to add some more crazy because that’s what I need, haha. Really, I’ve just been so stressed with work and school and health situations, that I felt like writing a novel would be a good, productive thing.

School work? Nah. I’m doing NaNo instead. (But somehow I don’t think my professors will except that as a reasonable excuse.)

No, I do have a few papers due this month, so I might flounder in the word count for a few days, but I do plan to finish the 50k in the end.

Also, I will update here at least once a week, but the majority of my progress updates will be located on my Tumblr. I’ll post my daily word counts, and maybe some sentence excerpts to go along with them.

I’m really excited! My novel is all planned out, so I’m crossing my fingers that this NaNo will go smoothly. Are you guys participating in NaNo? Are you ready?

To everyone participating, good luck! :D