This show was one of my favorites since 2008. Five years later, and the series is over.

Five seasons is a long time for any show nowadays, and I’m grateful the showrunners had the opportunity to wrap up the storylines. The last couple seasons were rough, and I wasn’t sure where the series was aiming to go.

But you know what? I was actually pleasantly surprised by this series finale. Most finales are bittersweet by nature, and IPS was no exception.

I have loved the characters from the very first episode. Mary, who is sarcastic and bitter, and never hides what she’s thinking. She says what’s on her mind without caring what others think of her. She is an amazing, kick-ass female character who is complex as hell. I love her so much.

You know who I also love? Marshall. Yes. U.S. Marshal Marshall Mann. His name, omg. But seriously. He’s book smart, world smart, and the perfect partner for Mary.¬† He gets her, he complements her in the obvious ways, but also in the subtle ways where he kind of helps make her a better person.

Of course, these two U.S. Marshals are great. They care about their witnesses, and they are great at their jobs in WITSEC. That’s what made this show worth watching every year. I wish season five had been more than eight episodes, but there was a lot of amazing stuff in these few eps. Like Marshall doing drag for an undercover op. That was…amazing. Fred Weller is beautiful ;D. Also, a plot line that had been coming from the first season was delicately explored.

May or may not have made me cry. Eh. I’m a softie. But really, this last season had a lot of character development. And though a lot of changes were happening during the finale, it left the audience with a feeling that it wouldn’t change the core of who these brilliant characters are. I admit, that I had been one of the people rooting for Marshall and Mary to get together, but I love how the writers handled their “whatever they are” because it was absolutely wonderful.

This was one finale that did not disappoint me. I’m sad to see an amazing show go, but I’m also glad to have been a part of the experience. In Plain Sight is one of those rare shows that makes me LOVE television, makes me believe that there are great writers who understand human nature, and makes me hope that others will follow in their steps and continue to bring us incredible stories and characters.

I need more people like Mary and Marshall in my life. Anyone have any recommendations?