This is not going to be a traditional publishing versus indie publishing blog post. I think most people have already covered everything there is to say about the debate.

Yes, traditional is a good way to go for most authors. They want the big financial backing that will give their books a widespread release. That sounds like something any author would want.

Yet indie publishing is easy-as-pie, apparently. No, it’s not really that simple. It’s one person doing all the jobs of a traditional publisher. That’s actually a lot of hard work, from editing and design to printing and marketing. Many authors don’t want to do all this work themselves. Probably because they’d rather be writing. But a lot of authors don’t mind wearing many hats in order to get their books to the public the way they want.

Because that’s what publishing comes down to for me: how I want my books to reach their audiences. For me, I want creative control. I want my input on the editing of my book. I want my input on the layout and cover design on my book. I want my input on how my book is printed — whether as an ebook or on paper. I want my input on marketing my book.

Basically, I want to do it all. I want to wear all the hats because I feel like that’s what I need to make my books the best they can be. I can’t just hand my hard work over to someone else and hope it all goes well. I want to nurture my writing career through every step of the process, just like I do with every character and every book I write.

At this point, I have one novel completed and one in progress. So, I’m not even truly thinking about publishing beyond having a finished product that is ready for distribution, through whichever channel. I just happen to lean more toward the indie publishing side because I feel that is probably the best fit for me and my career as an author. I write for the art of it, not because I hope to make money from it. Sure, money would be nice, but it’s not my goal as a writer. I just want my stories to reach people the way I want them to be.

But I know there are a lot of mixed opinions on this topic of publishing. So, what do you think? Which do you think is the better route? Or is there a “better” route?

Perhaps the method really does depend on the author and what they want from publishing. Regardless, there is no fast and easy way to get a book to its audience. Writing and publishing is hard work, either way. And we’re all in this business together, so how much does it really matter in the end — whether we are traditionally or independently published?