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Frankly, I’ve been floundering over what to blog about for a while, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to cover some media that I like. I happen to enjoy watching television and films and listening to music, so every now and then, that’s what I’ll talk about. And probably not in a spoiler-free context, if that matters to you.

I just recently finished watching Ringer. Not my usual type, but I’ve actually been more fond of mysteries lately. I thought I wouldn’t like Ringer because of the soap opera plot, but after the first couple episodes, the complex characters and intriguing plot really drew me in.

I love how Bridget is a recovering addict and her sister Siobhan just has so many issues. I like Andrew — he’s a good guy despite being far from perfect. Henry is cool, too, although I thought he was selfish most of the time (Of course, giving up on someone you love is never easy). Juliet is really complex for a teenager, being all drug-addicted and manipulative (lol, look at the influence of her crazy mother, though) and also vulnerable at the same time. All of the dynamics between all of the characters, even the supporting and one-off characters, just work so well.

Plus, the plot is full of twists that never stop. Revenge, murder, hit men, crime lords, and a woman who just wanted forgiveness but ended up in the middle of her sister’s gory life. Seriously. This show is kind of great. I actually feel a little lost during the week because I don’t have this show to look forward to, anymore. I hope it gets a second season, I really do. I want it back in the fall.