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As my first blog post, I thought it appropriate that today is Friday the 13th. Some people might say this would be an unlucky day, but I don’t believe that. I am not superstitious in the least, though I know a great many people still are.

From a writing perspective, I think superstitions, or folk beliefs, are fascinating. The way every culture around the world throughout the ages has had their own beliefs in supernaturally linked events. Nowadays, we hardly consider magic to be much more than something from a fantasy story. Yet we often believe in good or bad luck, as if symbols like horse shoes, four-leafed clovers, or the number thirteen will change the outcome of our luck.

I find that researching other culture’s folk beliefs can be very inspirational for stories and plots. Even characters, if you want to give them a superstitious quirk. But I always wonder where logic fits into the realm of superstition (for the common ones that have stuck around). Like, if you stay on the fourteenth floor of a hotel? Just because the hotel calls the thirteenth floor fourteen instead, does it somehow negate the intrinsic number of the floor, and thereby the bad luck associated with it? I don’t think so. I think if a floor (whether the thirteenth, or not) is meant to be unlucky, it would be unlucky regardless.

But then again, I don’t actually believe in superstitions at all. In fact, I happen to like the number thirteen. For a supernatural fantasy writer, I believe superstitions, and folk beliefs in general, can be a very good thing and a great inspiration resource.

So. Are you superstitious?